Cat aka Tara is a singer song writer who has also done session work, singing with
signed artists and writers on various projects.

Having started off performing on stage in musical shows such as Joseph, The
King & I, The Desert Song, Oliver, Couple of Swells shed went on to sing
with orchestras performing Gershwin, Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald
type gigs. Performing at Ronnie Scott's, Hard Rock cafes and other
fantastic venues e.g. Carling Academy and the O2!

Cat then cast the net out "depping" and joining various rock, soul, blues,
Latin American, punk, funk and metal type bands.

Satori! In 2007 she wrote an albums worth of songs and founded the originals
band "Jewels". After entering battle of the bands in their first month, and
reaching the final the band went on to be offered 2 record deals (most
recently in December last year!) Performing at some leading venues in
Camden, Soho, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, O2 they were asked to support
bands such as Scissor Sisters, McFly etc. The bands promo beach can be
heard at also on

Cat has been performing with a successful function band performing at
various corporate events festivals s well as private parties, holiday parks,
Christmas parties, NYE functions, etc. Following on from the chrysalis, emerged!
Gigging Nationally, including prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scott's, O2, Hard Rock Café, Pepsi Chart Show and headlining at indoor and outdoor festivals, such as World Aids Day, Alzheimer's fund raising in Midlands,
Primary Care Trust gigs.  
With the full band, original songs Beach Prayers and Clearly back had a temporary signing & was
asked to support the scissor sisters & Girls Aloud, Mcfly??!!

December saw the full band Jewels with their original music offered another record deal with the label that signed the editors.  With their own original music the full band Jewels has had
International radio play in USA, Canada, Australia as well as the UK
Cat is a bundle of energy and a force to be reckoned with getting everyone
into a party atmosphere!
A true front person it's like crossing Pink with
Freddie Mercury?!!!

Using an awesome PA system and Mackie mixing desk, subwoofers, Shure 87a wireless
condenser microphone, Gibson's, Les Paul, ES350 & Explorer and Fender Corona USA Telecaster, Yamaha Drums and Jumbo electro